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Island in the Sun

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We are 7 Degrees Radio

Island Radio

7 Degrees Radio is the new voice of Koh Lanta.  Our goal is to be the go to station for people interested in visiting or relocation to Koh Lanta.  We play great music with information nuggets thrown in.
Interviews with locals, featured businesses and load of information for you.  The web site is in alpha stage at the moment.  Much more will be added over time.

Our Schedule

There are always interesting radio shows to listen to on 7 Degrees Radio. Our freeform Radio Station is proud to serve the San Francisco area with some of the most inspiring and engaging radio content out there. Tune in for some curated and high quality shows with us. Check out our schedule and never miss your favorite show again!

Music & Information

Tropical Island

Through the 24 hour cycle

Tune in to Radio 7's Daily broadcast of music and entertainment.  Why not make it your station for playing in your business?
Keep up to date with what is happening in the island every day of the year.  We are here for you.
If you don't live in Koh Lanta, there is lots of information for you to attract you to our island in the sun.

Northern Monkey Interviews


Broadcast through the day

The northern monkey will be out and about bringing to you the characters and the events of Koh Lanta.  If you have a special event happening, send us an email and maybe the event will be covered by The Northern Mnkey and broadcast on 7 Degrees.

Guest Spots

Rock Concert Audience Cheering


We have monthly features with guest personalities from around the globe.  Stay tuned and we will announce the time for each show.  It is an exciting new addition  to our regular offering.